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Ron Van Elten

​Ron Van Elten was born on October 4th 1964 in ’s Hertogenbosch. When he was a young boy his oldest brother used to listen to Jimi Hendrix. His music really inspired Ron and at the age of 17 he got his first guitar and tried to play some songs. Although not an educated guitarist, his talent to feel the music helps him to play tracks out of his head and memory.

Some thirty years ago Ron joined his first band. He started playing the guitar with The Robert Smith Blues Band. For ten years they spend a great time together and played a lot of live gigs, highlight being their performance on the Fonnefeesten and playing as supporting band with Oscar Benton.

After some time Ron developed an interest in Gipsy Jazz, he quit the Robert Smith Blues Band to focus more on this genre. He found his soulmate in Dave Emerald and together they founded the David Emerald Swingtette. During this period Ron also started organizing the Gipsy Festival. The first edition at Bosvreugd in Tilburg was a big success with the performance of the Rozenberg Trio. Together with Dave Emerald Swingtette and Koen De Cauter they also recorded a cd.

During recent years Ron also developped an interest in guitar building and repair. This site is a way to show his collection and sell some of his guitars.

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