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Yet another wonderful Strat outta my "lawsuit" collection. I wanted to keep this one since it is really one of the most beautiful ones. It's hard to really capture the real shade of the oh so glorious sunburst and the nice wood pattern underneath!

It is a exceptionally bright sounding Strat, with a neck a bit more on the chunky (but by no means baseball bat!) side.
Yes it had been modded in the 80s and I've removed the 2 mini switches - I left the others in fear of screwing something up. The 1st one seems to slightly change the sound of the "blade" middle pickup (Bill Lawrence or Schaller I believe) - for some reason this pickup sounds slightly quieter than the other two. And yes there was an unprofessional route made but hey we all have our scars and history, don't we?!
And yes, that an old rubber beneath the springs in the back, appare the to avoid the "spring" vibration - quite the idea!
The vibrato block is solid on this one, btw.

Otherwise all original, 3-way pickup switch and all. Pots work nice and quiet. Overall in very good condition with only the normal wear marks, no big chips or breaks. Frets could need a proper cleaning but are well above 80% and have lots of life. No dead spots or "fret outs".

I believe Tacoma guitars were made by FujiGen or Sakai - whichever it was, it's pretty darn good quality! Resonant, great sounding and feeling and, again, so beautiful to even only look at!
I had planned to covering the extra holes in the pickguard with a cool sticker, but now that's up to you.

Vintage 1970s Tacoma Stratocaster Lawsuit MIJ sunburst Strat Japan Fuji Gen

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