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Selling my Morris Strat from the 70's, the guitar is in good playing condition, with a lot of scuf marks (some call it "natural relic" others call it Mojo), it has the original pickups (alnico) originaly came with the 3 position switch (actualy an N, M and B letters refering to the 3 positions were printed on the pickguard near the switch. you can still see a very faint B posicion letter see last photo) it was replaced by a late 70's early 80's 5 way switch.
The original 3 way switch and the "pre lawsuit" heatstock  design means this guitar was made before 1977. In 1977 Fender introduced the 5 way switch and it is also the year of the Gibson versus Ibanez lawsuit, after wich japanese manufacturers were not alowed copy the headstock desings of major brands like Gibson and Fender.
The tremolo springs cover plate on the back is missing.
There is a small neck pocket crack on each side of the neck pocket as expected in a 50 year old stratocaster (see pics)
The body finish is lacquer but the neck seems to be Poly.

The guitar is in good condition with the normal usage signs of a guitar with 50 plus years, cleaned, polished, electronics verified, ready to plug in and rock!
All original condition and parts except for the bridge screws, possibly the pickguard screws and 5 way switch, the tremolo springs cover is missing.
 The guitar plays well and has a straight neck and good action.  The original finish is still nice with a good shine, but has some expected light finish checking in a few spots and a few scratch's, dings, and scuffs here and there that I consider to be minor given its a 50 year old vintage guitar (see all pics).   The fingerboard has some markings (see photos) and frets are still in good shape, it most likely had a fret level somewhere along the line.   The hardware does show some discoloring and oxidation you would expect of a played vintage guitar. Although, I think the set up is fine, everyone has their own preferences. If your not happy with its set up, it will be your responsibility to have it set up to your liking..  My pics are very descriptive, so make sure to see them all!

Morris Stratocaster 70's Sunburst Moridaira Japan

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