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This lovely PRS Standard 22 lookalike is a real top guitar from a brand that is better known for its amps, but since it’s in Dutch hands, also builds high quality guitars!

This Hurricane IV is still brand new as you can see on the pictures When you see the guitar for the first time, you almost get the impression that you are holding a custom shop model, she gives such a beautiful sight. The neck is glued, there is a wooden binding as well as a mother of pearl inlay around the body and neck, the potentiometers and switch are recessed into the top, there is a luxurious fighterwing inlay on the fingerboard and you get a Wilkinson tremolo. All hardware is also neatly mounted. A lust for the eye.

The neck and headstock are made of mahogany. The headstock has an almost identical shape to that of a real PRS, which gives the Hurricane a lot more appeal. The tuning pegs are from the Grover brand. They are oil bath machine heads with a gold finish. There is a wooden cover on the truss rod adjusting screw. The top of the headstock is lacquered black, but the back is transparent so you can see the wood structure of the mahogany. The neck, which is also made of mahogany, is topped with a rosewood fingerboard. The position markers are made with dots on the binding of the neck and with fighterwing inlays on the fingerboard.  

The body of the Hurricane IV is also made of mahogany, topped with a "solid AAA carved flame maple top". The high-gloss lacquer is amber with a light sunburst. On the transparent lacquered back of the body, the holes for the tremolo and the electronics are sealed with a black plastic plate that is neatly recessed into the surface. All hardware has a shiny gold finish. Only the Wilkinson tremolo has a matte finish. This tremolo is of the floating type. So you can raise and lower the pitch. There are no string guides on the headstock and the tuners are solid. (Grover oil bath)

Two alnico humbucker pickups are mounted on the Hurricane. They are designed by London City itself and sound quite good. In terms of controls we find a volume knob, a tone control and a 3-position switch. The connection of the guitar is done with a normal 1/4 inch jack. The guitar weighs exactly 4.18 kg, including tremolo arm. The frets of the Hurricane are jumbos, which increases the playing comfort even more.

London City Hurricane IV 2004 Aqua Blue

500,00€ Regular Price
450,00€Sale Price
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