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Up for sale is a Paul Laurent (Fender Stratocaster copy) made in Japan in the mid to late 70s.  

Paul Laurent was a brand created by a group of guitar stores in France in the mid 70's.  Their plan was to contract with Japanese manufacturers (the same ones that built Ibanez/Cimar/Greco/Morris etc... of that period) so that they could sell their own Strat types.  It only lasted for a couple of years. 

We acquired this guitar from it's original owner a few years ago and the guitar is in mint/unplayed condition.  A true under the bed find.  He'd bought it in 1979.  An interesting piece of history if you are into Japanese vintage guitars.

Absolutely 100% original guitar, no mods whatsoever.  We were the first ones to remove the scratchplate and the neck to inspect it.  Even has the tremolo ashtray.  Trem arm is missing.  

This guitar benefits from a stunning birds eye maple neck (check out the pictures) and plays really well with a straight neck and now action.  Absolutely no fret wear and light weight guitar.

Will be sold with a late 70's Strat shaped unbranded hard case.  It's the generic case the guitar was sold with.

1979 Paul Laurent Made in Japan

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